How it all started…


Born and based in South Florida, I began working promotional events and modeling at the age of 13. When I turned 15 I started interning at a modeling agency in marketing and fell in love with the passion involved in working with people on creating and promoting events. After my internship, I continued my career in modeling and unveiled my first supercar, the Lamborghini Huracán. At the time, I did not even know how to spell Lamborghini nor the love affair that would follow. This was my first time surrounded by so many supercars and the allure was indescribable.

I itched for a way in. I worked as a promotional model for Lamborghini later on and the next year I found myself an internship in the dealership. Following my internship, I was offered a receptionist position. I knew I could do more but there were no positions at the dealership for marketing. I found myself working on their apparel. I created a website, marketed it online, created advertising materials, which were complimented by Lamborghini and Pagani Automobili. Which grew into the position of Digital Marketing Specialist. I grew tired of men asking me to make them coffee, teasing me for my young age, and assumptions of ignorance based on my gender. So, I researched until I could hold my own.

When I decided to leave my position, I feared my love affair with Lamborghini would leave me heartbroken, but I chased the bull. I friended my way through the car community. I worked in automotive sales for a few dealerships but the confinement left me restless. I am also an Adobe Certified associate and can build websites, logos, flyers, etc. I decided to merge my knowledge of all things automotive into this, event planning, and marketing. I work with Driving Force Club and co-produce Bullfest Miami and New York which included a turnout of 100+ Lamborghini's in additional to McLaren Run New York. I am also a co-producer of Exotics on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale and created their logo/website.

Last year I began my journey as a product specialist for Chrysler-Fiat and traveled the national auto show circuit. This year I am continuing with Toyota USA.

I am an avid traveler and enjoy meeting like-minded enthusiasts around the world. I have traveled around the world where I have visited private collections, Lamborghini Museo, Pagani Museo & Factory, Ferrari Museo & Factory, Maserati, and The McLaren Technology Centre. I created this website in hopes to share my stories as a female enthusiast and entrepreneur, and maybe to inspire someone to follow their own passion.

Thank you for your interest.